I really hope spring is here to stay. We have quite the blizzard a couple weeks ago that shocked us all back into frozen mode, but the sun has been out for a few days in a row now, and yesterday I saw some buds on some trees.
Lillienne is half running/half walking like a mad woman, we can take her to the park and walk with her to the very end of the park in her stroller, and she can walk back the whole way home. She is into airplanes and birds right now, saying “Ba!” for bird. Then again she also says “Ba!” For ball, banana and button, but I seem to understand whatever she says.
She enjoys being outside so much, which is why I am quite excited we’re in the process of perhaps looking for a house to rent instead of living in our highrise apartment. It’s lovely and big and has lots of light, but I don’t like having to gather Lily up and her 10lbs of accessories in the stroller and cross a busy street to play in the park. I desperately want a backyard for her, somewhere she can explore on her own and not have to worry about being bowled over by 15 seven year olds who have just ingested 4 pounds of sugar and where the F are their parents, anyway? I want a backyard for her, maybe a swingset. A place for her to kick a ball around and for us to look for bugs and flowers and have our own space. And yes, for my own selfish reasons also. So I can sit in the sun, or enjoy the rain on a backporch, or to get my hands dirty in a flower bed and have my daughter peel me grapes while I lay in a hammock and Dustin cuts the lawn and birds gather on the fence harmonizing the theme to “The Hills Are Alive.”
(Eventually we will own our home then, and then the scene drastically changes with waterfalls, pina colodas, a massive pool and a walk in closet the size of a small town.)