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I wonder if this is my child?

And no, I wasn’t talking about the book by Bernhard Schlink – Good, by the way.Lillienne is obsessed with books. It doesn’t matter if we have read “Are You My Mother?” sixteen times already, we need to read it again, and we need to do it NOW. There were always books in every room in the house. The other day I went to get a feminine product out of the bathroom drawers and found 16 books next to the Tampax. But now? Now there are tiny children’s books everywhere, too. Cardboard books and pop up books and books with glitter. Books in the closet, bath time books and books that are lost under the couch for days at a time, and then found and celebrated by reading said book sixty-four times in an hour. And when I’m not reading books to Lily, she is sitting on the floor, attempting to read them herself, but she often sounds like she is giving a sermon in Thai. Or perhaps, Mandarin.