Every year, Dustin goes to school for a week or so in Fairview, Alberta. Last year he didn’t go because I was ready to pop out our baby, but this year, sadly, he’s gone. Until Saturday AM. Boo.
I decided to get a head start in my bachelorette-ing and let Lillienne’s Cheerios lay all over the living room for two whole hours before I got disgusted that I couldn’t walk anywhere without grinding a whole wheat snack into my carpet.  I’ve suckered both my sister and my friend to sleeping over sometime this week, thus providing some interaction for both Lillienne and I with someone other than each other. She is a total Daddy’s Girl, and I am predicting before the end of the week the wrath of “WHERE THE F IS MY DADDY?!” will be unleashed.
Lillienne  has also sprouted her 12th tooth (she is only one!), and that”s including four molars, two on each side of her mouth. She hasn’t been sleeping through the night since before Christmas, and I am hoping she’s done teething  for a while. It’s as if they were handing out super powers the day she was conceived and she got stuck with “rapid tooth development”.
We managed to peel ourselves away from the TV and Olympics on Saturday night, and took in a hockey game with our local WHL league. I wasn’t as upset with the fact that our team lost, as I was with the fact that DRAFT beer was $6.75! and bye-bye, Lillienne’s Savings. Kidding, we took out a small personal loan before we went to the game to pay for our beer all night.
Oh, and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS CANADIAN ATHLETES! You totally took over my heart in 17 days. Talk about bling bling!