This is my first post since I made the move over to WordPress.  Everyone else is doing it, and I looked into it and fell in lurrrve.  WP offers so much more. It’s cleaner and in my opinion, more user-friendly but also gives me more options and seems more…blog-ish. The one thing I am kind of p.o’d about is none of my videos from my old posts came along for the ride. Wtf, WP?
I had been using blogger since sometime in 2008 and I decided it was time for a change! And BANG!BAM!POW! Here’s the new website, all fresh renewed and smelling like laundry. Mmmm. Seriously, sniff your screen.
The past few days have been spent cleaning up from Lillienne’s party. Yes, her birthday was three days ago. There is still stuff everywhere. And I’ve decided the madness has to end! She received so many gifts and toys that we had to rent Lilli her own apartment two floors beneath our own.. It’s a nice place, she moves in on March 1st.
The Olympics have recently taken over our lives as well, and American Idol watching and basic sanitary and showering has gone out the window. I’ve never been a more avid watcher of the Olympics as I have this year. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s in Canada, or the fact that I am old(er) and stay home all the time and the tv is on, but whatever it is, I’m loving the winter games this year.  I wish I could ski. I’ve only tried twice, and once I skied into a pile of logs. I loved watching ski cross.

Go Canada! Keep those medals coming!