Today, my handsome life partner of a boyfriend turned another year older. He’s 3 and a half years younger than me (I know! Lock me up!), but sometimes I feel like the young one. He’s got such an old soul. He’s full of answers and practicality, he’s patient and loving and the greatest Dad Lillienne could ever ask for (if she could talk). After he got home from work tonight we played with Lillienne, then we ordered some pizza (for his birthday supper he says he wanted chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy [and not gravy from a packet, either. that real stuff], but come on, that secretly must mean “honey, for my birthday supper, please don’t cook. pick up the phone and order something with cheese because I know you’ve been dieting etc etc etc) and then we had some hot chocolate and birthday cake with a sparkler in it. We exchanged kisses and kissed Lillienne and watched some tv and enjoyed the evening. Tonight, as I was wiping Lillienne’s face clean after her bedtime munchies, Dustin said “This has been the best birthday I’ve ever had.” – And I am pretty sure that little munchkin with Similac and Mush with Apple Flakes on her face had something to do with that, and nothing to do with the home made card or cake with a sparkler or pizza or hot chocolate, cuddles or kisses. Happy Birthday, Dustin. We love You. xox