Are you shitting me, Saskatchewan? Seriously? It’s PLUS FIVE TODAY. +5. Do you have any idea how exciting that is? I mean minus the whole global warming situation. A few weeks ago it was so cold you could barely BREATHE let alone function outside – but today? Plus freakin‘ five. Not that I went out an SEIZED THE DAY! Instead I tackled Lillienne’s room. It was starting to resemble one of those rooms on HOARDERS, you know, the show that gives everyone on planet earth the willies. All the non-hoarders, anyway. Anyway, there were empty diaper boxes and toys and empty Christmas present boxes all over her room, and she really didn’t deserve to have all the JUNK in the house in her room just because she had no say. And she had onesies and sleepers in her drawers that she hasn’t worn in 6 months. So I did the whole “putting away the cute teeny baby clothes” deal again, a task that always breaks my heart for a few minutes. This task also involves sniffing these clothes, if you really wanted to know. I cleaned the rest of her room, hung up all the clothes that would be fitting her soon and tada! A clean baby room. Maybe she will be able to sleep through the night again, now that there aren’t boxes hovering over her crib, threatening to steal her blanky.
She hasn’t been sleeping through the night lately. It could be teething, but she’s been teething since she was 3 months old, you would think she’d be used to it by now. It could be she is morphing into a gremlin. It could be growing pains, but she cant JUST be growing at bedtime, she is perfectly happy during the day. It could be because her sleep schedule has been messed since Christmas (she is sleeping longer at night these days [once she falls asleep] but missing an afternoon nap in the process) and I’ve been trying to wake her up earlier the past week in case the afternoon nap is needed more than sleeping in the following morning.
BUT, guess what? Guess what fixes her, every time? Guess what fixes her after we try to let her “scream it out” for ten, twenty, minutes? A yogurt. A tiny little yogurt. Our baby is in love with yogurt.
You can put her to bed. She will sleep for an hour, and wake up screaming like someone is in her room juggling fireballs and growling the ABC’S. Then, you can let her scream for six hours while you try not to claw out your eyes with a rusty fork, or you can bring her out in the dim light, give her a yogurt, and she will go back to sleep.
And although I do not mind giving her a yogurt so the rest of the city can sleep, I am going to try to get her sleep/nap schedule how it was before the festivities of 2009 took over our lives and made the stock in yogurt take leaps and bounds.