Yes, I’ve skipped a few weeks. I haven’t posted about my diet lately mostly in part because a) I never stuck to it at all around christmas and b) because I thought it was pretty boring to blog about. Let’s face it, who wants to hear around rice cakes and yogurt and sneaking a Bacardi Rum-filled chocolate when nobody is watching? Nobody. But this is my blog, and I want to write about it because something about writing about it makes me want to stick to the diet that much more!

I’m not going to post about what I eat and don’t eat too regularly, perhaps just quick updates now and then, especially when I’m doing really good! Like the past few days! I’ve stuck to a reduced calorie intake regimen for a few days, and it’s really not too shabby (okay it’s fucking horrible) once you learn not to eat JUNK because JUNK does not fill you up, or provide any nutrients. I’ve learned tuna is the best friend you’ll ever had, and crusty rolls and bagels and Lay’s BBQ chips should be treats and not a daily thing while you watch The Dr’s and flip through Us Weekly.

But the JUNK. Oh, the JUNK, how I miss it. I’m a JUNKIE.
My treat of the day is a cup of hot chocolate at 35 calories. But what I would really like? A piece of chocolate no smaller than my HEAD, with a chocolate center, sprinked with more chocolate. Perhaps even with chocolate streamers on a chocolate stick.