Yesterday when Dustin checked the mail I almost had to change my panties because my eyeshadow from showed up! I ordered some last monday and I was pumped I could rock some new eyeshadow at Christmastime. I ordered Canola (bright yellow), Snow Angel (a neutral with sparklies) and Grasshopper (because I love me some green). I tried it on last night and almost asked myself for my phone number. I Love it!
Lexus from tossed in a free eyeshadow as a giveaway for my blog…
So I chose Saskatoon Berr-eh (feel my love for the hometown!). It’s a beautiful color of purple that will look great on everyone! So here’s the deal – leave a comment for an entry and make sure to check out! Most of the eyeshadow is only ten bucks, and she has blush and bronzer and eyeliners, too. FREE SHIPPING too, folks. Does it get any better?

Giveaway ends dec31/09 and winner will be chosen by