10 things i love about my (not such a baby anymore) baby.

1.Her laugh. It almost sounds fake, like she is really only laughing to amuse us instead of her laughing because she is being amused.

2. When she wakes up from a nap, she is already waving “hi!” before her eyes are fully open.

3. How she crawls after Dustin all weekend when he is home, soaking up the minutes before it’s Monday and he’s back to work all week again.

4. How she grins and smiles when I start to sing the ABC’s.

5. How when she sees yogurt she is frantic and so excited.

6. I love how Lillienne takes tiny sips of my chocolate milk. (TINY sips, people. Slow down.)

7. How she looks up at me when she is eating, and makes me feel like nothing will ever be this special, this huge, this amazing.

8. When she hasn’t seen me for a few hours and she gets all excited and makes up a whole paragraph of “words” but nothing makes sense.

9. How she loves cheese, just like me.

10. How she has changed my life.

Today Lillienne is 10 months old.