Recently, I have a developed a beautiful relationship. And I’m not talking about the Candy Cane flavoured coffee CR steals from works and brings over here for us to indulge in (By the way, where the fa la la la la can I buy this stuff? It’s like crack! Oh the candy cane goodness!). No, it’s not that. It’s online shopping!
I have realized I LOVE online shopping. I Love my little pay pal account that I have set up. I love clicking and browsing from the warmth of my home, with, of course, my candy cane flavoured coffee (What about candy cane flavoured creamer? Can I at least buy that somewhere?). Over the past couple days I have purchased some wicked eyeshadow from, some pink and green decorations for Lillienne’s room from, and then I stumbled across an email from a rep from
And guess what! They are offering me a product to giveaway on my blog. Yay! Something free for one of my readers, right around Christmas. It’s the bee’s knees, everybody. I wonder if they sell candy cane flavoured coffee?
Today I’m going to spend a few minutes (hours) browsing their websites (,, and choose an item for a giveaway for my readers. And Canadians will be able to enter this time! I know, right! So cheers to all my Canadian (and everyone else!) readers,, and Candy Cane flavoured coffee. This makes my day!