Business is great and I have decided my photography business’ website is in dire need of a makeover. Not only does it not look professional, it is hosted by blogger which means it’s very limited to what it can do. And I am not about to spend 3 hours a day coding html every time I want to do an update or post new photos. Eff that! I am happy to say I’ve just discovered a fantastic host, and I am undergoing a HUGE re-launch, re-design and I am so excited about it! Although I will still keep using blogger for this blog. I don’t need anything too fancy here.
This past weekend we decorated the tree at my sisters, went to the symphony, I did 3 photoshoots and we had a birthday supper for my sister at my Dad’s house. Lillienne doesn’t see them as often as she should so I made sure to take lots of pictures with my Dad and his wife. Also, I completely missed a week of my 365 photo project so I will be posting that sometime soon.
Lillienne is growing so fast that I can’t even document it fast enough. She is waving and pointing, and the other night as Dustin was waving to her and saying Hi, she said Hi back. I know! This kid is a fucking genius! She hasnt said it again since, but when we say Hi to her she will wave back. She is sleeping like a champ again, going to bed between 9-10pm and sleeping until 10:30 every morning, which means I can either sleep in, or I can get up early and blog, edit photos, or work on my website. I would prefer having a few glasses of wine and sleeping in, though, but ofcourse that would be the morning she would wake up at seven.
Today we were blessed with -30 weather. The kind of weather where you’re scared to fart outside because your fart will crystallize and shatter.