On Friday night we went to a party for the guys at Dustin’s work. I had a lot of fun, and then someone started passing out the home brew and it was GAME OVER for this cowgirl. Have you ever drank rubbing alcohol? Because thats what this shit tasted like. And apparently the more drunk you are, the less horrible it tastes, because I went back for seconds. And then I was incapacitated for the rest of the evening.
Saturday we took off after a not long enough sleep to Dustin’s parents farm. It’s not so much a farm like with cows and chickens and such as it is a farm with beautiful sprawling grounds, a butt head of a rottweiler and lots of trees. Nobody got any sleep Saturday night because Lillienne is a creature of habit and refuses to sleep ANYWHERE except for her crib in her room. She wouldn’t sleep in the crib at the farm. She wouldn’t sleep in the bed with us. She wouldn’t nap in the play pen during the day, and we were all zombie’s for our niece’s 3rd birthday party on Sunday. I swear on everything that is holy that if you do not follow Lillienne’s schedule, all hell will break loose and stress cold sores will break loose and wine bottles will be opened for guzzling in the middle of the night. Ok not really but I seriously contemplated getting in the truck and driving the 2 and a half hour drive home because FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I needed sleep, Lillienne needed sleep, we all needed a HUGE tranquilizer.
The birthday party for our niece was fun. She got lots of presents and entertained us all and my mother in law made some Mexican dip that I gorged on. Which reminds me! GREAT SUCCESS! I have lost five pounds since we were at the farm last..which was the week after Thanksgiving. And no, I will not be blogging about what I ate on the weekend because I am ashamed. Let’s just say I was a bad girl.
On a side note, WTF is up with the show Hoarders? THAT SHOW SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME. How do you not notice a cat CARCASS? Please people, do a head count of your animals daily to check that they are not burried under Rubbermaid bins, Pizza Hut boxes and soap that was on sale in 1997.

Cuteness in a party hat.