Ok, I don’t get it. A vampire movie with werewolves and some broad with a very long face and she falls in love with a vampire but now they’re not in love because she loves a coyote? Twilight. New Moon. IT”S ALL THE RAGE! Everybody is in to this stuff and I don’t understand it. I have always always thought vampires were the silliest concept. I was never interested in vampires, vampire books, vampire movies or any of the sort. I don’t like science fiction and I’ve never watched Buffy the vampire slayer or read the books. I’m probably comparing apples to oranges here (or buffy to bella), and yes I know her movie name because it’s EVERYWHERE. All of my gossip magazines that I am ashamed to be reading in the first place are FULL of Edward and Bella and Rob and Kristen and Fred and Barney. Teenage girls and adult women are going wild for this shit. Girls Gone Wild for Twilight. Robert Pattinson was on Ellen the other day and grown women were in the audience jumping up and down screaming OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD!
Seriously? He is NOT Johnny Depp, people. IHes some British dude who was in Harry Potter! He’s not even good looking! His nose and forehead are one entity and whats up with his hair? Does he know about shampoo, and how it washes away grease and grime?