Lillienne may be all recovered from her cold/flu, but now I am the one who wants to cry and be cuddled. I probably shouldn’t have gone away Saturday night, I probably should have stayed home with a chicken soup IV and Advil and drank grape juice instead of champagne and rye’n’diets.
It’s so horrible being sick, and even more horrible when you have a little baby to take care of/entertain. Lillienne is quite happy to play in the living room with her toys while I lay on the couch, squirting some hand sanitizer into my hands every time I cough or sneeze and generally being a boring mommy. It breaks my heart to watch her playing alone, knowing I should be on the floor romping around with her, singing her ABC’s and chasing her down the hallway. Oh, how she loves to be chased. And the kid can crawl, too. Properly crawl. And FAST. The other day I turned around and she was in the bathroom, checking out her bath time toys.
Regardless, I’m starting to feel a tiny bit better, it didnt feel like I had a 5 lb rock in my throat this morning when I woke up, and my appetite is back. Pretty sure I lost ten pounds last week worrying over Lillienne being sick, but I totally made up for it, I found some frozen lemon cheesecake squares in the freezer and they felt fabulous on my throat, so I deemed it necessary to devour the contents of the box.

Find the recipe here. Enjoy the 10lbs you WILL gain when you eat them all.