thanks for the cupcakes, oncal!

By the way, KISS was awesome!
Last week Lillienne caught her first cold/flu/something nasty and I have to say she was one sick little girl for a couple days. High fever, barely sleeping, miserable and generally broken. We ended up going to the ER for a fever and she was prescribed some antibiotics and is now fixed!
On Saturday night me girls and I took a road trip to see one of our bff’s for one evening. It was way too short, but we made the most of it.
We wined and dined and learned how to do makeup just like Snow White’s. Thanks, YouTube. If I ever feel the need/have the urge to apply false eyelashes and 6 pounds of eyeliner and mascara, I now know where to go.
We played music and laughed and told stories, we drank Asti and smoked too many cigarettes and laughed some more. It was lovely, alot of fun, and my first FULL NIGHT OVER NIGHT GONE FOR 24 HOURS away from Lillienne. And she was at home on the mend from being sick with Daddy. I missed her so much I kept my cell phone in my pocket at all times, repeatedly scrolling through pictures of her, playing videos on mute and generally having a GREAT time but missing my little girl, and her baby daddy.