Tonight Dustin and I are going out to see KISS! They’re playing here tonight and I am super pumped to go see them. And have a couple beer. And party every day! Actually I don’t think I would be able to party every day. I’m a bit lame like that, I really need my sleep and alcohol has been known to make me vomit, and I’m not one of those people who can puke and then continue drinking.

Nope, I’m more like Lindsay. Definitely.

I’m not too sure about our seats, the seating chart shows us sitting almost on top of Gene Simmons’ lap. AWESOME! I think he is a hilarious dude. We used to watch Family Jewels all the time until the baby was born. Back when we had free time. Ahh
Maybe tomorrow I’ll see Shannon Tweed at Sobey’s, and we’ll be buying the same brand of feta cheese and she’ll be all like “I love feta too! Why don’t you guys fly down to LA and live in our guesthouse? I can get you a part on The Hills!”
OMG I am totally going to Sobey’s tomorrow because it could totally happen.