So, I’ve been on a mega more-healthier food/low calorie/tryingnottostuffmyfaceasmuch thing lately, and I think it’s working! I can fit into my jeans from elementary school!
Can you imagine?
Seriously though, I feel a teeny bit skinnier. I’ve been eating rice cakes and yogurt and drinking more water instead of juice and coffee. I’ve stopped snacking after supper and have cut out alot of salt. And sugar. And basically, everything that is tasty. But to be fair, I did have half a cheeseburger today and it was blisssssssssssss. And the white cheddar rice cakes are pretty gnarly if a tad dry.
Also, a bff and I started strapping our twenty pound babies to us and walking up the 21 flights of stairs in my apartment building. And then walking back down. 2x a week. Do you know what this does?
It immobolizes you for 3 days afterwards. I could hardly get out of bed a few nights ago to go to the bathroom. Totally walked like that pirate dude off of Family Guy, like I had two stubs that could not would not bend at the knee.
My goal? To fit my tree stump calves into these rockin’ bad boys I have had for 2+ years. I’ve yet to wear them.