It’s official, Lillienne officially has more teeth than most seniors. She is up to seven now, and you have to feed her treats like you would an alligator- throw some cheerios or whatever into her mouth from about six feet away, just incase she decides to bite your finger(s) off. She is also officially crawling – she still prefers her Lieutenant Dan crawl but she will now crawl like the cute little babies on the Huggies commercials when she feels like it.
Our weekend was mega-exciting. We cleaned and organized! This weekend my lovely love cleaned out the storage room, threw out some boxes that had been driving me insane, tossed an old tv he was using as a bedside table (weirdo!) and generally went on a rampage. He took in all of the recycling and filed all the bills and papers that had been collecting on the dresser. He put away the bumbo and tray and Lillienne’s bouncy chair. (Did anyone else think the Bumbo was a huge waste of $$? Lillienne sat in it a few times but learned very early on to arch her back and wiggle out of it. She hardly ever used the thing) Putting away baby items is a sad, sad ordeal. She`s not going to use those things anymore, they`re going to be in the storage room until the next baby comes…..not for ages, not anytime soon, years and years from now. I hate putting her baby things away. She is going to be sixteen when I blink next.