For Halloween one year, I want to say I was eleven years old, I wanted to be a cheerleader. I borrowed some pom poms (From you, C! ) and my mom told me she would sew the rest of the costume. I don’t remember if I picked the colors (lime green and yellow) or if the material was just lying around the house, but she did it. She made me a little white shirt with yellow and green letters on it, (of course this had to fit over two sweaters and then a white turtleneck sweater to match), and a full on green and yellow pleated skirt. It was pretty sweet. Whatever happened to that skirt, I do not know. But the day of Halloween that year, I got a fever. I was so hot and dizzy. But I put on my costume, got my tights on and grabbed my pom poms. Somewhere there is a picture of me in the costume, and my expression clearly reads “Please for the love of GOD shoot me.”
I went trick or treating anyway, and I had fun. And I wore my cheerleader costume that my mom made me. And I thought I looked good.
I’ve always loved sewing, but I don’t have much patience. Or tolerance when I fuck up and rip the material away from the machine and then break my needle and the sewing machine blows up. But I can sew. I’ve made baby slings and bunnyhugs and burp cloths, and in high school I used to make funky handbags in Home Ec. Nothing too difficult. However, I want to be able to make Lillienne costumes for Halloween, so she can dress up as whatever or whoever she wants to be.
Next year, I am going to sew Lillienne a costume for Halloween, too. And I want to start making her own clothes, like summer dresses and drawstring pants and easy-peasy things to sew.
This year, her snowsuit doubles as her Halloween costume. If it has ears and a tail, it MORE than covers the bases.