I think it’s time. I’m really tired of this. You’re just getting in the way. All The Time. Always up in my face. You never stay where you’re supposed to, and I dont have time for you anymore. You’re so high maintenance, you think you deserve my time? That I should get you all glossy and pimped and then you just let me down anyway.
I dont care anymore. I want you gone. Toned down, anyway. I can’t take it, really I cant. And Lillienne isnt helping the fact. She loves you. A lot. She always has, and she always will. But it’s not about Lillienne this time.
This is about ME….
And my locks, yo.
Seriously, I’m thinking of a mom hair cut. You know, like Kate Gosselin but not so angry lesbian-ish. Or maybe a cute shaggy bob, like Suri Cruise. Although she creeps me out.

My hair is long. Like more than halfway down my back long. And I’ve always had it long, or atleast long-ish. BUT I CANT DO IT! It’s so fucking annoying with a baby! I feel like my hair is a neon pink flashing sign and it’s saying “PULL ME PULL ME PULL ME” and for good measure, pull my earrings too. I know this is natural and all kids do it, and I do not punish Lillienne when she does this. I just start crying because chunks of my hair are wrapped around her fingers and a few are 3/4 of a way down her throat, and you know what? I think it’s Mommy Hair Time.
Suggestions? Or should I just suck it up, live with the fact that my daughter will slowly make me bald, and buy more hair elastics? Even Michelle Duggar rocks her long hair like nobody’s business and she’s got 48 kids (and counting!)! I know!

This woman will re-populate Earth should anything happen.