I am so not ready for winter, I hope it stays the F away for a long time. I’m not ready for thick winter coats and mittens and having your eyelashes freeze shut and having frozen ice/snot hanging from your nose.
Although Lillienne’s snowsuit is sofuckingcuteohmygod.
You would think after living here all my life, I would get used to this. That I would embrace winter with a mug of hot chocolate with those colored marshmallows in them, because even though they are nasty, they are cute and colorful. You’d think I would take on winter in a fist fight, or at the very least, buy some proper winter boots for once.
It has already snowed here a few times, nothing that really stuck around but it was enough to jolt me out of my autumn haze. The leaves were JUST starting to fall and the colors were perfect. And then it snowed. And fall was over. Winter was weeeeeeks early. Bastard.
I hate the cold. I hate the cold when it’s windy even more. I hate -45 with the windchill and no sun before 9am or after 5 pm. The worst is getting out of your bed with three quilts keeping you warm, waking up to DARKNESS and it feels like 4am.
I’m not ready for winter to come at all this year.
I do like winter activities like skating and tobogganing and shopping at Christmastime. I like sleigh rides and looking at Christmas lights and throwing a snowball at someone hoping a little bit goes down the back of their sweater because hahah that’s soooo cold.
This winter, I am hoping the long, cold months will be a bit more tolerable with Lillienne. I want her to have fun, it will be her first Christmas, and I want to take her tobogganing and to look at Christmas lights and all those other good winter-y things. I want her to see snowflakes and go on a sleigh ride and go see Santa at the mall and have cocoa. Because I have a child now. And now I get to be a child again!