Lillienne is a madwoman. She is creeping/crawling everywhere, and honestly, she has worn holes in her sleepers the past three days in a row. Yesterday I put a new suit on her, and by the end of the day, you could tell a hole was on it’s way. Next time. Always the right foot, the pushing foot. And now pulling herself up. Pulling herself up on us when we’re laying on the floor, pulling herself up on laundry baskets, couches, whatever is handy. Already a handful and not even walking yet… We might have to cage her, after all.
month two of my photo project.
This past month has been a frenzy of teething (four teeth now..), fuzzy eating, and wakeful nights, but the BEST thing is watching this kid grow up. Watching her discover everything, watching her creep/crawl her way to the kitchen whenever I am in there, hearing her babble and making her laugh. On Sunday, I will have an eight month old.