I have always been on the fence with tattoos. I don’t think they’re disgusting, but I also dont think they are the most flattering things you can do to your body. One aspect I do like is the permanence, but I have always been too chicken and scared to get anything done, thinking it will be cheesy or I’ll grow tired of it, etc. I’ve always thought that women with tattoos look less classy than ones that don’t. And I mean the tattoos that are huge and highly visible. I always picture those women in classy dresses or a wedding dress, with their tattoos hanging out and distracting from their presence and beauty.
Me and my homies are getting a memorial tattoo for our friend. A tribute to her, something that we will all share, something I will be able to look at every day and thinkin of her. Not that I/we don’t already. I’d just like a little piece of her always with me, as ridiculous as you may think that sounds. I have had a pretty rich, fullfilled life this far, and nothing has inspired me to get a tattoo before. This is important to me, and I want to pay tribute to her with a tiny spot of art on my body, dedicated to her. I think we have decided on her name or initials in pretty text on our wrists. I want it somewhere where I can see it without looking in a mirror every time. I’m scared and excited about this at the same time, but it’s for Karen, for all of us, and I know she would be touched, flattered and probably think we’re a little bit retarded for doing it. Cheers, my love.