This week has definitely had it’s ups and downs and I feel a bit nauseous from the ride. And no, I am not pregnant, thank the good lord sweet Jesus, in Jesus name, amen. Praise all those other gods, too. I am an equal opportunity praiser.
Lillienne’s tooth is finally cutting through. Maybe this means that she will finally go back to drinking from a bottle instead of getting all of her calories from yogurt, rice cereal and TimBits. Just kidding, those are my fucking TimBits. Seriously though, the past two weeks have been hell trying to ger her to take her bottle. She literally bats it away from her mouth as if to say “Are you fucking serious? I wouldnt drink this shit if it was the last stuff on earth. I know you’ve got TimBits, lady.” In the past 48 hours she has drank 2oz from her bottle, the rest I have to mix up with pablum so she will get her formula. I swear the kid would rather be eating a good juicy steak with some home fries and slaw on the side. BUT ALL HAIL THE TOOTH THAT IS COMING THROUGH, I praise it’s newness and fresh serrated edge in hopes that she will once again chug a lug from the bottles like a good little baby. And yes, I have tried sippy cups. We have spent about 900$ in the past few days buying new sippy cups, ones with different spouts, soft spouts, hard spouts, nipple like spouts (Mmm!), everything. We now have a sippy cup cupboard for pete’s sake. But you know what? SHE DOESNT WANT A SIPPY CUP. She wants a fucking double cheeseburger, you meatball!
Here’s week 8 of my photo project. Happy weekend. Wine, anyone??

*Tupperware – it’s not just for letting your shit get moldy in the fridge for anymore.