Today I have a seven month old baby. A seven month old baby who crawls around the room and gets in to everything. A seven month old baby who likes to crawl over to the sideboard table or coffee table, lay on her back, and try to kick the wood in. My baby is seven months and she is starting to eat us out of house and home. Where did my yogurt go? Who is eating all the crackers? Actually, that is MY peach, Lillienne.
This morning my seven month old baby is watching cartoons and chewing on some kind of green bird toy thing. She has already pooped through one outfit, ate a whole turkey and a loaf of bread, and started writing a novel. She is growing up much too fast.
Tomorrow or Monday I will have her seventh month video up. Today we’re off to a friends cabin for dinner, drinks, and a long night of chatter. Cheers, all.