Fall invokes a lot of feelings for me. The leaves are changing from green to yellow, red and gold, the sun is still bright but not as warm, and the bugs are slowing dying (or going to sleep? hiding? who cares, they’re gone).
Fall is time for nice walks without a jacket, but maybe a sweater. Fall is back to school, new notebooks, crunchy leaves and warm, heady air. Fall reminds us all that Summer is over, and winter is coming.
Fall slowly whispers to us to get the winter jackets out, dig out the box of mittens and toques, and buy some Halloween candy even though you;ll eat the whole bag weeks before Halloween. Fall is tapping us on the shoulder, nudging us to take in these last moments of summer, to have one more picnic, to have a few more bbq’s and sit outside enjoying the evening afterwards.
Fall is trick or treating and meeting fairies, spidermans and harry potter’s. Fall is raking the lawn, clearing out the garden, putting away the summer toys and patio furniture.
Fall is cinnamon, cranking the thermostat, and flannel pyjama pants. Fall is cuddling on the couch, falling stars, and ladybugs creeping in to your house for a warm place for winter.
Fall tells us that Frosty the Snowman will be here in a few weeks (Yes, I live in Saskatchewan), and Fall gently pushes us into the shops for early Christmas shopping. I love everything there is about Fall. It’s not so ridiculous hot that you lie awake until 3am sweating until you pass out from dehydration. It’s not too cold that you need to bust out the quilt from Ikea.
When it’s Fall, most of the west nile virus assholes have died off, and most of the wasps and bees are lazy and fly into windows and walls. Fall means gorgeous colors, crisp air yet warm breezes. Fall means after dinner sunsets and late morning sunrises. Fall pinches our butts because Fall knows Thanksgiving is on it’s way, and why not gain five pounds in one sitting?

Fall is cuddles and warmth and golden colours and crunchy leaves, lady bugs and breezes, flannel pyjamas and trick or treating. Fall is cinnamon and one last picnic and lazy bees