To be fair, not all of the baby pictures in this week’s photo project are of MY baby. Two of them are photo’s of Sophia, my longtime bff‘ Jen’s daughter, born five days after Lillienne. Sophia is already holding herself up on things ALL BY HERSELF. Lillienne is not doing this as she is too busy army crawling from the living room to the dining room where she inspects the chair legs like they were something truly magical and magnificent. It’s so neat to see two babies almost EXACTLY the same age and see the developmental differences between them.
When they “play” together, Lillienne laughs and laughs and laughs at Sophia. I’m not sure what Sophia does exactly that is so hilarious, but it’s so cute to see. It reminds me of when Jen and I were kids, and she would make me laugh all day long. It’s really amazing to see our spawn daughters smiling and laughing at each other. I just better not ever catch Lillienne running through a feild DRUNK with Sophia at age 12. Not that Jen and I ever did that. Nope, no way. We were way worse than that.

Here are the first five weeks of my project. Blogger has shrunken the image and now its all blurry and distorted, but you get the idea.