Yesterday, Lillienne’s Granny and Auntie came over and spent the night, so Dustin and I could go to AC/DC.
We totally picked up a forty of rye and hit the highway since the concert was 3 hours away, and by the time we got to the concert, we were so drunk that I don’t even remember anything except falling into some guys and making a complete ass out of myself, I’m sure.

Not. Perhaps in a previous life/a few years ago.
I had a couple beer, but nothing to brag about. I didn’t even get a buzz. The concert was great and the music was awesome, and they put on a fantastic show. Those dudes are like…mega-old and they have WAY more energy than I do. And probably easy access to drugs. But hey. Power AND kudos to them!! We were seated behind a row of sloppy, messy douchebags who were clearly all single and/or gay (there’s nothing wrong with that, I just think it’s weird to see dudes hug that much), but we had good seats and a fun night out and beer, and a decent dinner out before the show. I still thought of Lillienne the whole time.