Or Shit Cloths, as I call them. Lillienne was born with the most sensitive ass on the planet, and every kind of wipe we have tried has given her a nasty bum rash. We have tried Pampers Sensitive, Huggies Natural Care, Huggies with Cocoa butter, we have tried wipes with no alcohol and no perfume, and nothing works. So we resort to Shit Cloths. We use enormous amounts of tiny baby wash cloths every diaper change as wipes and I HATE IT. I hate having to go to the bathroom and get them warm and wet, I hate having to rinse excrement out of the cloths, and I hate having to dry them on my shower rod before I toss them in the laundry basket, so they don’t get all moldy and disgusting before I can wash them. Shit cloths really spruce up the old bathroom. They are excellent decorating pieces, so colorful and vibrant.
Shown below is the leaning tower of shit cloths, we go through about this many every four days. I tediously fold this many baby shit cloths twice a week.(We live in an apartment and do not have access to a washing machine or dryer whenever we want. Boo-urns.) Have I mentioned that we also have not found ONE product to put on her bum to prevent diaper rash, besides some 14 dollar cream behind the counter at Shopper’s pharmacy? Nothing. Penaten, Vaseline, Aveeno, EVERY BRAND ON THE PLANET, nothing works. This baby owes me. Big time. I rinse out her shit cloths about 6 times a day.

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the hated shit cloths….