This afternoon, Granny took Lillienne and I for Lillienne’s six months immunizations. These are always painful. For me. They jab two massive needles in her legs, one in each perfect, chubby little thigh, and I can’t bear the look on Lillienne’s face when she cries after. It’s horrid. Her little mouth goes upside down in half of a second, and it makes my heart break. Ah, well. It’s over now, and she’s all up to speed on her immunizations. Polio is so uncool. She didnt cry too much, and afterwards I gave her a big stackful of sugar cubes. MMmm!!

I feel very fortunate to have everything we need in life. I’m fortunate we didnt have to look through the used clothes on the table at the immunization drop in clinic, seeing if Lillienne would fit into anything. There were boxes of clothes and shoes and whatever else, and I know there are people out there who need these kinds of things because they’re not so fortunate.I’m lucky Lillienne has everything she needs (and a ton of crap she doesn’t!) and that we can give her healthy food and clean water and clean clothes. We’re lucky that we lead a pretty good life. Lillienne is lucky she has so many people around who love her. I’m lucky I have a fantastic boyfriend who wouldnt deny myself or Lillienne anything, within reason, ofcourse. I’m never going to get a pair of Choo’s or a Cadillac Escalade. I’m guess I’m just very thankful and appreciative today, and I feel fortunate for everything Lillienne/I/we have. Because thats how I am rolling today.