First of all, I was watching the show 16 and Pregnant last night on MTV, and I was truly disturbed. Only in the fact that there is a SHOW about BRATTY, HORRIBLE CHILDREN having CHILDREN. No, I am not against teenage pregnancy. I’m not horrified at the thought, I dont think it’s THE DEVIL and I wouldn’t trip a teenage pregnant girl. It is however, VERY unfortunate. But where do they find these people for the show? Do they really seek out the most immature, most uneducated, most SELFISH brats on the planet to put them on TV? It was really sad, watching these kids go through huge life changes, the 16 year old boyfriend leaving the girl at home so he can “go out and play”, the girl ready to throw the baby in the river and the parents of the kids walking around the whole time saying “I told you so!” I can’t even believe they would put this show on the air. It’s so controversial! What do you think?

AND HEY! Remember when they used to play MUSIC VIDEOS on MTV? Am I completely missing something, or where did the music videos go? Where is my Lady Gaga dancing around in her panties? Now they only thing they play on MTV is 16 and Pregnant, My Super Sweet 16 and other shows only involving 16 years olds and their selfish vaginas.