Yesterday I went to go try and turn the heat on because I was FROZEN but then I realized the heat is shut off in the building because it is supposed to be summer and you’re not supposed to FREEZE to death in mid august.

It rained for two days and two nights. A whole weekend. It was so depressing and gloomy and cold that I had to make 6500 cookies. They are “homemade oreo cookies” and Dustin’s favourite. It is nothing short of a miracle that I haven’t eaten all of them yet. The recipe is super easy, and they are incredible. Again, recipe from Dustin’s Mother.


3 boxes devils food cake mix, 6 eggs, 1 cup oil.


1 can vanilla frosting, 1 block cream cheese, softened. Combine these. Spread between cookies when cool.

Mix eggs and oil with one package of cake mix. Slowly add the other two mixes, batter will be very thick. Get your husband/boyfriend/sexy dude down the street to mix it for you. Roll teaspoon sized batter into balls. Place in rows 4×6. Bake at 350 ten minutes. Let cool before you make the oreos. Keep in a sealed container. Somehow, these are also calorie free. Weird! Freezes well, the recipe says, but I wouldn’t know because they don’t stick around longer than 38 minutes. Makes like 5 bazillion cookies.