I am so excited My Mother is moving home- in two days. Holla! Do my laundry! It will be great for Lillienne to have one Grandma in the city- and Farm Grandma isn’t really that far away, either. I know a lot of my childhood memories are about me and my Grandma, and I will never forget them. I want Lillienne to have tons of great memories with her Grannies, too. And ofcourse, another babysitter. More margarita’s, please!!

My Mother stayed with us when Lillienne was born. Or rather, she came a month early because she swore Lillienne was going to come early…..She stayed a few weeks before Lillienne was born, and about a week and a half after. She was fantastic. I was kind of anal and tried not to let her do too much for me, but she was a great help during the tornado of emotions that was the last few days of my pregnancy, Lillienne’s birth, and surviving those first few days without stabbing myself in the eyes with forks.

It’s really weird, seeing your own child with your parents. Watching them fuss over your baby, watching them make your baby laugh, watching your parents laugh when your baby scrunches up her face and does the Chucky look from Child’s Play. She has perfected this look.

okay, so she she’s a teeny bit cuter.