I met Dustin working at a bike shop over 3 years ago. He was really kind, cute, and had curly hair. He was very tanned and young and polite. We went for drinks one night, a bunch of us from work, and the night ended at his house, just talking (Who do you think I am???), until I called a cab to go home around 5. He called a couple days after, and we went for a ride on his FXR.

We had alot of fun on his bike. We rode out to the beach, we went for rides on the highway past patches of lavender, we rode out to his parents farm where he dumped the bike on both of us in a patch of sand. We rode it to work, we rode it around the city, I could (and still can) tell his bike apart from all the others downtown, and know when he’s coming home. It’s listed for sale, and secretly, in a secret way, I hope it doesn’t sell. I know if it does, we’re that much closer to a house. And Lillienne deserves a house, she deserves a great backyard and the moon and the stars. It’s almost like in a way, if we sell it, there goes a little piece of us, gone forever. I know some of you may think it’s stupid, it’s just a bike. And I really DO want a house. BADLY. But this is a GREAT bike. And I will miss it. If it sells. I fell in love with Dustin on this bike.