Dustin is the primary baby bather in the house. Mainly this is so I can clean up the kitchen from dinner but also because it’s half an hour I get to myself. I usually spend this time having tequila shots and a having a solo dance party on my balcony. Yesterday I gave her a bath for the first time in a couple weeks. I cannot stress how much this child loves the bath tub. She could probably live in the tub, providing I changed the water every few hours and removed her life jacket to feed her. From the very start she loved being in the bath, always kicking and smiling, and me wondering if she was going to take a crap in the tub. I’ve been lucky so far. I love her bathtimes and I think I may start designating Dustin to kitchen clean up duty instead. But I still get the tequila shots.
Last night she slept from 10pm until 10am. Crazy? Yes. Awesome? Yes. You’re jealous? Yes.
Next weekend Lillienne’s granny, My Mother, is moving back home. Today my sister and I are unloading all of her furniture, rooting through all of her personal belongings and picking out what we want. But dont tell her.