A few days ago, after had picked Lillienne up out of her crib from a nap, I had her sitting/bouncing on my lap. She was smiling and happy, like she always is when she first wakes up, like she has been injecting giggles and smiles while she’s been sleeping. I leaned down to nibble on her cheeks, and I noticed black stuff on her lips. Then I noticed some on her cheeks. And finally, some inside her mouth. Instantly, I put the baby down on her playmat and went into her room, where I inspected her crib and found teeth marks on the bars. MY FIVE MONTH OLD BABY IS ALREADY CHEWING ON THE BARS?!?!?! We have watched her as we lay her down to sleep some nights, and she rolls onto her side, stretches her hands out towards the bars, and pulls herself close to them. I didnt think she would be chewing on them, but she IS/WAS. What a gremlin. I had to but her baby bumper pads back up in her crib so she cant chew on her bars anymore. My little baby is growing up, and ruining her crib that is to be for HER BABY BROTHER/SISTER someday. My sister probably chewed on my crib bars, too, before it was passed down to me. Thanks, Celeste.
I cant believe how fast Lillienne is growing up. I. Really.Cant. It’s stupifying. She does something new everyday, a new face, a new grunt, moving and sqiurming across the floor. The other day she was halfway under the tv stand, the next minute, nearly under the coffee table. I have no doubt in my mind she will be crawling very soon and then what am I do to wth my 60997543 plants I have all over my house? I’d totally put them all in my bedroom and live like Jane in Jungle. It would totally be worth it for my little crib chewer.