When we went to the farm at the end of June, Lillienne decided that she was going to sleep through the night the three days we were there. Bliss. I figured it was because we spent 99% of our time outside, there were so many new people to meet and visit, and because I let her chew on my beer bottles. When we returned home though, it was back to the 4am feedings. It was as if she knew we werent on a mini-vacay anymore, this is reality Mom, get the eff up and feed me. We recently spent another 5 nights at the farm and guess what? She slept through the night the entire time we were there. Which was great because I got my groove back there, who knew it was hiding in the Saskatchewan outback, and waking up for a bedtime feeding while you are still slightly buzzed is no fun.

We have been home for four nights. Lillienne is still sleeping through the night. Big Deal, you think. But I say nuts to you and your childless life, with your ten hour slumbers and clean clothes and I could go on. It’s a huge deal! I sincerely hope she continues this. The night before last she slept from 10 pm until 9 in the morning.

Did I mention how she is the definition of perfection? Seriously. Come on.

*youre not cool unless you make the scrunchy face