The past few mornings have been glorious. And I mean GLORIOUS. After fretting in her crib for however long, Dustin will go get Lillienne and bring her into our bed around 7-7.30 everymorning. However, her nightime feeding was at 5am last night so she actually slept in her crib until 8am. WONDEROUS. When she began cawing and squawking at eight thirty, I went to get her and cuddled her up next to me. I closed my eyes. The next time I opened them, Lillienne was just waking up again as well and it was ten thirty. TEN THIRTY!
Trumpets immediately sounded, tiny cherubic angels were floating around the bed and beautiful sunlight filtered through the window.
How wonderful these morning naps are, and I sincerely hope she keeps this up. Theres nothing like a great nights sleep and waking up to a yummy, warm, lavender smelling kid with a huge smile in the morning.