Sorry the video is sideways. I cant figure out how to fix it and I always forget to film right side up. Anyhow, a short clip of Lillienne in the jolly jumper. I believe this was taken the first night we brought it home. Since then, she has gotten rug burn blisters on her big toe and baby toe in her right foot. Also, she can bounce alot higher now. Action shots to follow at another date!

see the blisters on the bottom of the big toe and side of the pinky? aww.

And yes, I painted her toenails. First Pecicure. The past 24 hours have been big for my little girl. First TOOTH discovered, poking through the surface…First Rollover from back to front while Cara was over visiting and having lunch. All of this just a couple days shy of 4 months. What’s next? First Beer and First Metallica concert?

bouncing in socks and shoes….no more blisters