Almost two weeks since my last blog post! Summer is fast approaching (is it here?…) and there is always so much to do, and the past few days have been busy for us. Family, friends, always someone to visit, someone coming to visit us. It has been beautiful lately and I hate hate hate sitting in the house in the summer. That’s what winter is for!
My Mom is moving back to the city!!! Very exciting. It will be GREAT to have her here for Lillienne and ofcourse for everyone else as well. Can you say Designated Babysitter? Although I am sure my sister will not give up that title easily.
Fathers Day this weekend. Dustin’s first Fathers Day! I want to make this the most special, most memorable Fathers Day for him. See how I even keep capitalizing Fathers Day? It MUST be very important for him. He gave me a great Mothers Day. I have a few ideas in mind but I am always open to more ideas, people! What are you doing for Fathers Day?
Another very important date is coming up. Lillienne will be 4 months in 3 days. FOUR MONTHS. I had a baby four months ago? I did? I did. She is thriving. Growing SO fast. She loves her Sophia the giraffe chew toy and is reaching for anything and everything she wants in sight. Soother. Bottle. Toys. She’s sitting up in her little bumbo chair and she can hang out on her tummy now without a freakout session. She has ants in her pants, she won’t sit still, she is go go go and so ofcourse, I thought she might be a jolly jumper baby.
THIS CHILD WAS BORN UNTO THIS WORLD FOR THE JOLLY JUMPER, and the JOLLY JUMPER alone. She loves it! The first night we got it she bounced so long she fell asleep in it. She will bounce for over an hour straight.

sleeping and bouncing….