This site was created in the spring of 2008. It was unofficially created to chronicle pregnancy, giving up tequila shots, giving birth, and living life with our daughter. I write about everything and nothing in particular, post alot of pictures, occasionally (usually) rant about things that piss me off (OMG somebody give that Duggar lady an IUD already) and try not to embarrass my significant other too often. I tend to write about my personal life as well so if vaginas, babies, nasty explosive shit diapers and things of the like make you uncomfortable, feel free to get lost!

I’m 26, a mother to our beautiful baby daughter, and baby mama & girlfriend extraordinaire to Dustin, my baby daddy. No, we’re not married, and yes, we’re going to burn in hell for ETERNITY procreating spawn without the sanctity of marriage. I have my own photography business, and I love my job.

me, Lilli, & a lawn mower handle growing out of my head.