Is there anything more enchanting than Lillienne’s giggles? Absolutely not. I wish I could bottle her giggles and carry them around with me, gently opening the lid just a smidge whenever I am sad, lonely, angry, etc, letting a teeny bit of magic seep out into the air I breathe, like fairy dust or pink glitter.
Giggling. Something new she is doing, something else to fall in love with. Dustin and I will make complete idiots out of ourseleves for just a HINT of a giggle. Then when we least expect it, she lets one go. It’s like a firefly, a lightening striking, a firework. Blink, and you’ll miss it. How could you be distracted from something so beautifully captivating, though?
Also, Life brand diapers by Shoppers drug mart? Don’t bother. Hence the title of this blog post.