When we first moved into our apartment building in October, we were dissapointed we couldnt get a corner suite. They have a wraparound balcony, twice the windows, and were a bit bigger. Recently there was a suite being renovated that was a corner, so we jumped on it. We would move in in two months, when renovations were complete. 21st floor, woohoo.
Two months. I had two months notice. You would think I would take advantage of all this beautiful time, right? I should be prepared, correct?
Holy fucking shit balls. Try packing up three peoples junk that you have crammed into a two bedroom apartment in three days. There are boxes everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It’s like a little maze, and whoever makes it to the kitchen without getting lost wins a piece of cheese. I cannot live like this. Thank god we move everything tomorrow. I want to be organized and have everything ready to go, yet I cannot pack everything because I have a BABY who might need this or this or this or this or this or this, and it’s buried in that box behind those nine boxes underneath that couch next to the piano on the balcony beside those twenty five cartons. Seriously.
Dustin and I are notorious movers. I am pretty sure our parents think we are running from somebody. Since we have been together we will have moved 6 times. In 3 years. A couple of real sly gypsies, we are.
Have a great weekend, everybody.