Reasons why today is a wonderful day:

1. I am almost done packing, we’re moving two floors up!
2. I am organizing and tossing alot of things today. Love it.
3. Strong coffee.
4. My darling daughter is the cutest.
5. My unbelievable sunburn has finally calmed itself.

Yesterday, the 19th, marked the 3 month point in Lillienne’s life. I am going to repeat this over and over, every month, every week, everyday. I heard it so much in the past with everyone else who has children, but never paid as much attention to the fact as I do now. TIME GOES fucking fast. I had a baby three months ago. My baby is three months old. What?
Lillienne is officially out of the newborn stage and is now an infant. There are clothes in her closet that I think “No way, those are huge! That will NEVER fit her.” And you know what? THEY FIT. How can this be? Why?! No. Not allowed. She is growing at a ridiculous pace and my poor heart cannot take it. What happened to the tiny baby who used to wear onesies the size of a washcloth? Gone. Long gone. See ya. Good bye, newborn. Hello there, little girl.


*caution- your heart may melt.

Her hands have become wild, untamed, flailing objects as she has grasped onto the concept that they are hers, she can move them, and she will whack you. Probably not on purpose of course(but who can be sure!), but she will pull your hair. Your bunny hug strings. Your earrings, necklace or dangly nose ring, should you have one. Her hands and fingers are constantly conducting a silent orchestra, painting on an invisible canvas, speaking a new, foreign sign language. She is finding her feet, stretching them up like a ballerina, toes pointed, chubby legs high in the air. She is wriggling every which way, and it is not unusual to find her sideways in her swing, or have done a 180 on the floor when you turn your back for 5 seconds. She has yet to roll over, but she is on her way there. I figure in a couple weeks she will be steamrolling me in bed.