Lillienne is discovering her hands. Her mini sausage fingers.
Last week she was often staring intently at them, moving her hand slowly with her eyes following, bringing the fingers to her month.
This week? Fingers in the mouth. Constantly. Hands and fingers always moving, grabbing, pulling, tugging, clutching, reaching. Last night in the tub she reached for the tiny pink washcloth, clasped it with her tiny hand, and brought it to her mouth. Aha! Another miracle! It feels like another giant milestone. It is. Totally.
This baby grows so fast, you can see something different everyday. I remember now how in the beginning, those first couple hours, it was just sleep. Then is was sleep,eat. Then sleep, eat, awake. Then sleep, eat, awake,wriggle a bit.
She is now into the reaching/tasting, giggling, smiling, bubble bath splash aerobics. She is mimicking, still making new faces (how is this possible?) and she is so much more aware. Alert.
When she naps, she pulls a corner of the blanket to cover her face. She enjoys when you sing to her, and loves when you whistle and beep.
She is a riot. She is so happy. She is so much fun. I get to do everything all over with her, discovering right along side her right from the beginning.