Did anyone celebrate their first mothers day yesterday? Because I did, and it rocked!! I didnt lift a finger! Well, actually that is a lie. I woke up to a bubbly-smiley-warm doughball which made my day right there. Then I did laundry (??) D then went out and came home with Tim Horton’s coffee, breakfast, a sappy, cheesy card, 2 beautiful, bright Dahlia plants, and some wicked perfume by LACOSTE. Yum. After being spoiled and loving every second of it, I went for a long walk with my friend around the river, and then we came back to our place and drank some lovely Yellowtail. Double Yum. We headed to a bbq at my sisters for supper as well and it was lovely not to cook. Lillienne was preforming magic tricks last night, she actually went to bed right at 10pm and slept until 4.30. This has been her usual routine, but she has been out of sorts for the past week or so. I had a great nights sleep, woke up to the bubbly-smiley-warm doughball again, and thought that I am so lucky to have my life and my tiny family.