….And I think I may have made a great investment! I purchased a Canon Rebel the other day through Sears. If you have read any of my previous blog postings, you would think “Sears? You mean that place you cursed for almost a week straight?” Yes, Sears. They are horrible if you decided to shop online, but luckily, they had what I wanted in the store and I barely even had to speak to anyone. Point to camera. Nod. Pay.
Anyhow, compared to my old digital camera, this camera is something from outer space. It takes beautiful pictures, and I havent even figured out all of the functions yet. The settings are basically on the point and shoot mode and already all I want to do is go outside and capture everything. The woman crossing the street, the leaves on the side of the road, the buds starting to peek out of the branches.
Of course, when you have a 10 week old baby, (or any baby, for that matter) getting out to pursue your hobbies isnt the easiest thing in the world.
Which means I have resorted to taking 4329869 pictures of Lillienne.
Lillienne in her duck suit in her swing. *snap*
Lillienne leaning up against my green pillows. *snap*
Lillienne sticking her rather large tongue out at me, again. *snap*

I dont think I could find a more beautiful subject to photograph.

This weekend I am going to try and get out and take some proper pictures. I have always been interested in photography and tried to get serious with it before with my old digital camera, but I never got the results I saw with my minds eye. I always wanted to take my art more seriously and until now, I really wasnt able to without editing the shit out of my photos.

Thanks to Mom and J for inspiring me! And of course, Lillienne.