A friend mentioned the other day that since apartment buildings had such large areas for the tenats garbage, they should also have a recycling area. Brilliant. I wish.
I absolutely 100% believe in recycling. I just do not believe in having recycle bins next to my dining room table, or beside my bed.
I love apartment living for the most part. We’re right downtown, Dustin can walk to work, we’re across the streets from a pool, a gym, a park, the river, etc. The downside of apartment living?
No room for recycling.
Yes, we save our beer bottles, pop bottles, cans, etc, underneath the sink, in bags in the storage room, and there were even wine bottles in our front hall closet yesterday.
But, we also toss our papers, cans, plastic, etc. There just isnt ROOM for bins in the apartment that we live in.
We do have a pretty big balcony, and I am going to look for some large, heavy bins with good lids, bins that wont blow away in a windstorm, since we are on the 19th floor, soon to be moving to the 21st floor.
Does anyone else have some suggestions?
I hate throwing stuff in the garbage, Especially since our garbage fills up that much faster. We have to throw out flyers, formula cans (we use the concentrate and use atleast a can aday) and a bunch of ther things just because we have no room to store them until we can take them to a recycling facility.
Also, we dont have our own washer and dryer, or else we would be using cloth diapers. I hate hate hate hate disposables. We only have one wash day a week and if I were to buy enough cloth diapers to last 6 days between washing I would be bankrupt.
I love you, Mother Earth, help me help you.