It is incredibly scary to think I could get pregnant again. Already. Yes folks, it is true. I have finished my first menstrual cycle since giving birth. I could totally reproduce another perfect child, if I wanted too. If I was neurotic enough.

The thought is very overwhelming, to say the least. I now know what its like to be pregnant. To carry a baby. To have a newborn. To get very little sleep. (Although lately, knock on wood, Lillienne has been sleeping wonderfully..) I now know how much our lives have changed. Was I really that naive, thinking “It’s not going to change that much!”?? YES! I was!

One slip, and I could be pregnant again.

One slip, and I could have two children under the age of 1. (Unlikely, but it could happen!)

As soon as my period ended, I was at my Dr’s getting a prescription for the pill. I had it filled immediately and I think I swallowed my first pill before we even got home.

You know what is weird??

I wouldnt NOT have a baby right now if I got pregnant. Isnt that ridiculous? I can PICTURE myself with another baby. Someday I will totally have another baby. But…what if?

What if I got pregnant in a couple months?

What would become of our tiny little 3 person family?

How would I cope? How would Dustin cope? Lillienne?


I am so not having another baby soon. Cheers for the birth control pill. And cheers to my perfect daughter, Lillienne.