Kinsmen park is the cats ass. I love the tunnels the train goes through. The merry-go-round, the horses and tigers and unicorns waiting for their debut again this spring. The ferris wheel that’s in rough shape of a fix up.
Nah, lets get rid of it!
The City has decided to get rid of the ferris wheel because nobody in Canada manufactures parts for it anymore. Are you kidding me? How many metal/machine shops are there in the city? Nobody can replicate those parts? Ridiculous.
I remember going to Kinsmen park when I was small. Ripping around in the park, playing in the paddling pool, the old swinging red punching type bags where the maze now is. Picnics, flying kites, birthday parties.The slides were better, the grass was cleaner, and there were more swings and ropes.
I remember the train was my favourite ride. I liked the sound it made over the tracks and going through all the trees and waving to the people in line.
The merry-go-round always kind of made me sick, and it still does. The best part was always picking what animal you were going to ride, and the rest sucked. Going around and around and around and around..
The ferris wheel was probably the best thing about the park, though. You got to sit in a tiny little colored cage, and if you got stuck on the top, you were king (or in my case, queen) of the world for about ten seconds. You never got rid of the voice in the back of your mind saying “Is this thing going to fall? Let me off! Go around once more! Faster!”
They’re apparently going to get rid of the poor ferris wheel. What are they going to put in it’s place? A parking lot? The ferris wheel is classic. Fix it so I can ride on it with my daughter until she is embarassed to be seen with me.